With the advancement of technology, the lives of people around the world are changing as well. There has been a huge impact of technology on society and the way it works. The sector of technology has no limit to its expansion. It is growing day by day and making lives simpler and easier. In a way, each generation is getting to witness something new and exciting. The technology of robotics happens to be just one part of technology. This technology has its impact on your home as well as work. 
What is Robotics? 

We will first start by understanding the concept of robotics in detail. So, what is Robotics? Well, in simple terms, Robotics is the science behind making robots. The science of robotics can be used for both designing and building the application of a robot. These machines are produced by the technology of robotics to become the substitute for certain human actions. 
How has Robotics been evolving? 
Though relatively new and young, the robotics industry is leaving quite an impact on the human world. This industry has been making many strides since its inception. The scope of robotics, too, has been increasing in this tech-based world. Today, this industry has progressed more by expanding and evolving more. Before you continue to read more on the topic, let us understand the basic characteristics of robots: 
● Robots should have a mechanical construction. This would help in completing its tasks in many different fields. 
● To power and control the machinery, robots need at least some electrical components. 
● To construct robots, there is a need to have a basic understanding of coding and computer programming. With the help of specific coding, the robot can be asked to function and perform. 
Significance Of Robotics Technology
The technology of robotics has the ability to transform work and life practices positively. The services that you get through this technology will be quite enhanced and advanced. The safety levels and efficiency will only be increased more with the growth of this industry. Most importantly, robotics is all set to become the link between the physical and the digital world.
Industries that are meant for large-scale manufacturing consider robotics to be the driving factor of flexibility and competitiveness. Thus, it has been successfully underpinning employment. Robotics has also become quite relevant for industries with smaller manufacturing. Non-manufacturing industries such as utilities, agricultural, healthcare, security, and transport will also be seeing massive growth and improvement in the coming few years.
Inclusion of Robotics in School Education

We have already discussed how the Robotics industry is only growing with each passing that. Keeping that in mind, schools and other educational institutions must include the study of robotics in their syllabus. To this date, Robotics has received quite the momentum in educational institutions located all over the world. Gaining knowledge on the program of robotics has been a blessing for millions of students so far; here are the reasons why: 
● This course of study has incorporated both fun and creativity over the years. Studying robotics can help the students achieve an advanced level of creative thinking.
● It has been proven that learning robotics can enhance the attention and concentration levels of students. This is because they are more engaged with physical activities. 
● Students also need to learn and understand the workings of bots. To know that, they need to be exposed to the world of programming. Learning coding and programming can become an additional skill for you. 
● Students need to be prepared more about the changing and advancing technology. The inclusion of robotics in their syllabus will help them to be prepared for whatever they witness in the future. 
● Robotics can incorporate many skills useful for promoting an environment of learning. The teamwork culture can also be harnessed if the inclusion of robotics is taken seriously. 
Development of Robotics today
Robotics, today, has definitely been breaking new grounds in several fields. It has been continuing to produce advanced technologies in the form of bots. These bots are highly programmed and fathomed extremely well.
Today, there exists a lot of bots that you have probably heard about because of their daily usage in everyday life. Some of these Al bots are Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Sofia. Giant tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and others have not stopped exploring this sector. They are bringing in more ideas to ensure the development of Robotics more in the coming years. 
Application of Robotics In different fields
There are many industries where the application of robotics has become a compulsion. This is so that industries could cut down the daily monotonous work and introduce effectiveness into the work. These industries also need a lot of precision in their work. However, to achieve that, the application of robotics is highly suited. For instance, underwater and space exploration can be very difficult and dangerous job for human beings. With the help of machines, this risk factor can be completely eliminated. Some of the fields where the usage of robotics is welcomed are: 
● Space Exploration
● Security
● Agriculture
● Healthcare
● Entertainment
● Underwater exploration
● Manufacturing
● Food preparation
● Military
● Customer Service
There is hardly any field where robotics is not applied. The efficiency that this technology offers is quite hard to match with human efficiency. Today, robots are used for everything, in everything. Robots have been slowly replacing the tasks that human arms had to perform for so long. The tasks that are physically demanding can be done in a matter of a few minutes by robots. 
These tasks would otherwise seem to be quite impossible for human beings to perform. In a way, you can say that human beings cannot outsmart the tasks that robots can perform. They can outsmart human beings in terms of quality, efficiency, effectiveness, precision, and, most importantly, time management. Industries are developing and advancing more all over the world because of the application and inclusion of robotics.

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