Technology has seen so many improvements and developments worldwide throughout the years, and it is not an uncommon thing for anybody these days to own a smartphone. And this smartphone has enhanced communication and made it much more interesting and easier for one to use. It is very comfortable and everybody these days is so much addicted to social media especially. It plays an integral role in people’s lives these days, and it has become so very important that one cannot live without it.

Some of the giants in the social media field are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many more. But our focus will be on WhatsApp, and it is available for all the devices and OSs or at least in most, but Apple’s iPad does not support it. So do not fret because we are going to learn the ways to get WhatsApp for iPad. The following is all you need to know about the app and its features.

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is an app for messaging purposes and is a freeware founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in the year 2009 on the 24th of February. It is a very popular app with its history dating back to as far as the year 2007. But it was announced only in 2009. It helps in instant messaging and chatting and also for the transferring of different formats of messages. Facebook took it over in 2014, and now it has over one billion users to date.

How to get WhatsApp for iPad?

Although this application is available for all devices, it is not available for iPad. So today, our main topic of discussion will be learning to get WhatsApp for iPad. Here are a few steps to get this app for iPad. You have two options to choose from when trying to get it from the Whatsapp Web.

Getting WhatsApp for iPad through Safari:
When you want to get WhatsApp for iPad through safari, then you must follow the below steps:
⦁ On your iPad, you have to go to Safari and then head for a website
⦁ Once you go to the web page, you’ll find yourself being guided directly to the WhatsApp home page instead of going to the WhatsApp web interface.
⦁ Go to the favourites menu’s top drawer, which usually appears when you type any web address by clicking on the URL.
⦁ Then click on an option called the Load Desktop Site, which you’ll come across.
⦁ You’ll be shown a QR code so that you can pair it to your iPhone.
⦁ Scan the code with both your iPhone through the settings, and your devices will be connected.
⦁ After some reloading, you’ll be able to use WhatsApp for iPad.
How to get WhatsApp for iPad through third party sites?
Here you have to pay some money, but you’ll get a better experience, and it is much better than getting it through Safari. You can go to the web browser, and you’ll get it easily.
What Are The Possible Ways To Get Whatsapp For Ipad?
Communication is a very important and very sophisticated process. Still, it has been made simpler for us by the arrival of many interesting communication methods, and you can also transfer your files and anything that you want through these latest developments. You can also see the person on the other side while the process of communication is going on. So it is very interesting and people and stuck with these means of communications. These means include social media, which is a huge factor in our lives today, and this social media includes Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and many more. But the sad truth is that although this Whatsapp is available for all devices, it is not available for iPad. So defying all odds, let’s try to get this Whatsapp for iPad from the following ways discussed in the upcoming topics.

Some ideas about WhatsApp:

Founded in the year 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, WhatsApp is a messaging application service that enables you to do messaging in many different formats. It is a very popular app these days, and everybody is so much into using it that it has summed up over one billion users as of today, only a few years after its launch. You will not find anybody who does not know this app because everybody knows about it and knows how to use it. In the year 2014, Facebook took complete charge over WhatsApp for a huge amount of money. Although it is not available for iPad, we’ll learn how we can use Whatsapp for iPad.

Ways to download WhatsApp for iPad:

Whatsapp is available and is supported by every device and Operating System, but then it is not available for iPad. So we have come to know about two ways that can help you get this WhatsApp for iPad. The two ways are:
⦁ Getting WhatsApp through Safari.
⦁ Getting WhatsApp through a third party website.
Whatsapp for iPad through a safari:
You can follow the below techniques to download this app via safari:
⦁ Your device will have a browser called safari.
⦁ Open this safari and type on the search menu.
⦁ After typing that, you’ll find that you are taken to the WhatsApp home page when you should have gone to the WhatsApp web interface.
⦁ Anyways, swipe down the ‘favourites’ menu top drawer and tap that URL there.
⦁ Then you’ll find an option called the Load desktop site option.
⦁ Click on that option, and the page will reload before you get shown a QR code.
⦁ It would be best if you scanned it with your iPhone so that your iPad and iPhone are connected, and the Whatsapp between them is also connected. Now you can use it.
If you wish that your WhatsApp for iPad was much better, you should download it from the third-party sites available on the internet, and there are lots of them. So it will not be a tough thing getting it this way.

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