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If you still have not heard about the Google Chromecast, you are probably living under a rock. But do not worry. There is no better time to learn than the present. This article will outline what it is, what it does, how it works, and how to install and use it. Chromecast was put to use only in 2003. Within a short span of a few years, it has grown into a crucial way of streaming data.

What is Google Chromecast?

Before we move on to other details, let us first answer this fundamental question. In layman’s terms, the Google Chromecast is a type of streaming tool that can stream data to certain platforms or devices. It is also one of the cheapest methods for performing this operation. With a Chromecast, you can use your smartphone or personal computer like remote control and access video content and play it on other devices like the TV. The device pretty much looks like a Wi-Fi dongle or a normal pen drive. You can get it from any tech shop or through online vendors like Amazon.

What exactly can this streaming tool do?

Now that we know what it is let us move to the next big question. What can it be used for? It can be used for multiple purposes: you can stream videos from Google Play Store or other content providers like Netflix, HBO or Hulu. You can also stream audio from Google Music, Spotify, Pandora and even iHeart Radio. And, of course, you cannot end the list without the most obvious use. You can use your Chromecast to mirror your phone’s entire screen onto your TV.
How to install and setup Google Chromecast?
If you already have the Chromecast, then try to understand that the installation process, though simple, is not as easy as a simple plug and play. So here is the installation and setup procedure explained in simple, easy steps.
⦁ Connect the device to your TV’s HDMI port and its cable to the USB port. Once you turn the TV on, select the appropriate input option from the list that appears.
⦁ Turn on your computer and connect the computer and TV to the same reliable Wi-Fi network. You will be automatically given onscreen instructions as to what to do next. Just follow through with those.
⦁ Now download the .exe file of the Chromecast app on your computer and then run it and install it. The complete installation may take a few minutes. After that, open the Chromecast app on the computer.
⦁ A random code used for authentication will be generated. The same code will appear on both your computer as well as your TV. Click the ‘That’s My Code’ button.
⦁ Change the Wi-Fi name, password and default Chromecast name if required. Now the initial setup is done. You can add Google Cast extensions from the app later on. That’s it; you are good to go.

Why you need Chromecast for Entertainment

Entertainment today has come a long way from what it used to be. The availability of entertainment is vast, and the variety that one has access to is infinite. From almost every genre to every mood, there are entertainment schemes for everyone. TV is by far one of the easy entertainment options, but today, we will look at something that uses the TV for enhancing entertainment, and that is, Chromecast. We will look into what the product is and find out how it is beneficial now!

What is the need for Chromecast?

People might be sceptical about services, quite naturally, they should be, because there are so many services available today that one can get easily confused with which option to go for.
Although everyone has access to TV, the new trend with people is streaming video services. These video services give access to TV Shows, Movies, Podcasts and more without going online.
The drawback to these services is that they are generally available on a PC or smartphone. It becomes hectic or simply inconvenient to watch content for a prolonged period.

Hence, as a result, we end up looking for other options that tend to suffice our needs. Chromecast is hence, one such option that lets people watch content peacefully without any hurdles at all.
It is a tool that offers easy connectivity by acting as a middleman of sorts. It is a tool available in retail that lets one connect to the HDMI port, which is generally available on every TV today.
This, once connected, lets you take control of the TV and lets you access the popular video services that we used to watch once on PC and Mobiles.

The advantage is that one can use a tablet or even a mobile to control the device. All one needs to do is plug into the TV, and they are set, after which one can use the remote control device to take care of, quite simply everything!
Hence, this option becomes extremely useful to people who have an existing old TV (which is not a Smart TV) and people who cannot watch content on tiny screens.
More importantly, this option is also easy to use because all video services are available on one single domain. Hence, people do not need to shift between every video service again and again.

Insights on Chromecast

Entertainment’s availability has led to people going for options that never existed before, giving them the luxury of choice. Today, it is not just choice that decides everything, but how one goes about that choice. The only difference is you are using separate programs that only search songs. Here again, entering the right keyword is thoroughly important.
Through Chromecast, one can avail services easily and conveniently without going through a series of options. It could also be another choice for people who seek convenience and reliance. Hence, this tool is a one-stop destination for all those binge-watchers or even occasional escapees!

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