Does Cost Equal Quality in The World of Laptops?

Does Cost Equal Quality in The World of Laptops?

When it comes to buying a new laptop it can be hard to decide on a budget, I would recommend doing plenty of research and price and specification comparisons amongst the models that you feel are suitable to find the best value and best device for your needs. You do not have to spend a fortune on a new laptop and you will be glad to know that there are some amazing deals to be had if you know where to look for them. One of the best ways that you can find the greatest deals on technology would be to shop around multiple retailers until you find the right price.

The right laptop for you will be dependant on the uses you have planned for it, if you are planning on using the laptop every day for something that is important like work then I would recommend spending a bit more or finding a device that comes with a warranty so you are more secure if something was to happen to it. Whether you choose to visit the tech store in person or find a new laptop online you should always take the time to find the best model and avoid rushing into a decision as you may end up stuck with a certain model when there was a better deal to be found.

How to Find the Best Deal?

In the current times where technology can be bought at various levels of quality and price point, it can be very difficult to know which one to go for. As mentioned previously using price comparison websites is a great way that you can get value for money without sacrificing the quality but there are other methods that can be used.

One way that you can find the highest quality deal on your new laptop would be to take advantage of the many discounts and sales that are offered by the majority of tech retailers who are all competing for your custom. As tech is usually so expensive many retailers offer these discounts to convince you to go with rather than another business, so if you look carefully you should be able to reduce the overall cost of your new laptop while getting a higher quality model.

Are The More Expensive Models Truly Better

Some people believe that just because a model is expensive it is much better than the cheaper alternatives, although this is sometimes true it is also the case that you can find a cheaper laptop that performs to a comparable standard of the more expensive.

When it comes to technology, particularly the cheaper devices it is usually the case that they will perform just fine but may be more limited in the amount of processes it can handle at a given time. This is where your laptop usage comes in and if you are going to be using your laptop for everyday processes like surfing the web or putting together documents then a cheaper laptop will be able to handle that just fine. If you are still unsure of which model to go for while buying laptops under $1000, this guide on Unslider is a very useful tool to help make the decision a lot easier.

Exchanges and Warranty

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your new laptop and think you have made the wrong choice then you may be able to do something about it, buying an expensive piece of technology is a big investment which is why they usually come with a warranty or period of exchange where you can get your money back and find a replacement device. If you feel that you have paid too much for the quality of the device that you have received I would strongly urge you to look into your receipts and look at switching models.

If you have overcompensated with the quality of the device it makes sense to save some money on your purchase and get a lower-ranked device that will still be able to meet your needs. In this time where every saving helps you should only pay for what you need which also applies to your new tech pieces.

How to Make Space For All of Your Favorite Games on Your Console

How to Make Space For All of Your Favorite Games on Your Console

In the classic days of gaming, there was little need to worry about storage space. Everything you needed to game was stored on the discs. You would need a memory card for some consoles, but a lot of them had internal storage for the save files.

But gaming has become a lot more complex, and a lot more online-based. These days most games don’t fit entirely on a disc. And some games don’t even come with a disc anymore, just a download code. This had led to a common issue of running out of storage space on your console.

It can be frustrating trying to download the next big release only to be foiled by a full hard drive. So today we are going to tell you how to fit all of your favorite games on your console.

  • Deleting Games to Create Space

The simplest method to free up space is to delete other games off the console. It isn’t nice having to get rid of some of your favorite games. But this is the most basic method of freeing up space to install your newest title.

It is important to note that sometimes there might be games installed on your console you’ve forgotten about. On the PS4 menu, it only shows the last few games you have played. But there may be more installed. So make sure to go to the library section to check.

  • Deleting Junk and Images

People often forget that consoles don’t just store game information. Modern consoles have the ability to take screenshots and even record gameplay footage. But all of this takes up space on the hard drive.

A lot of modern games, especially on the PS5, take screenshots automatically when you get an achievement. Which is a great way to track your progress. But deleting a game from your console does not delete all the related images.

So, if you need to free up some space you can delete a lot of the related picture albums. If you have had the console for a while, you will find there might be a large build-up of images, so you could free up quite a few gigabytes.

  • Using an External Hard drive

You need not rely on deleting photos and old games off your console either. Modern technology has blessed us with external hard drives. An external hard drive is exactly what it sounds like, a storage device that can be plugged in and unplugged and moved around.

Some consoles are a lot more intuitive when using an external hard drive. An externe PS4 festplatte will usually work simply by plugging it in and setting the download location to the hard drive. Whereas with the older Xbox’s you may need to buy a specific type of hard drive. Certain brands don’t work well with older Microsoft systems. But the latest Xbox is very intuitive and most hard drives will work.

  • Using a Game Streaming Service

Gaming has become one of the biggest hobbies on the planet. What was once a fringe culture is now at the forefront of society. And one thing that has popped up because of this is Game Streaming Services.

Much like Netflix or Amazon Prime, game streaming services are platforms that allow you to play a number of different games for one subscription cost. And the upside to a lot of these services is that the games are hosted on a different server. This is good news for you as it means you don’t need to take up your console’s storage space.

PS Now is a great example of this service. And Google Stadia is turning heads with its seamless streaming and varied game selection.

Gaming is showing no signs of slowing down. With hundreds of new titles released every year. So the battle of finding storage space on your console is not going anywhere. So we hope this article has been helpful in your quest to fit all your games on your console!

Is Overwatch 2 Going to Live up to its Hype: An In Depth Look

Is Overwatch 2 Going to Live up to its Hype: An In Depth Look

In early 2016 blizzards new team based multiplayer shooter landed onto the scene and changed the game. It is still one of my favorite games to this day, and I always like to make sure I’m using the latest working overwatch cheats to give myself a leg up on the competition.

It’s wide variety of charming and unique characters alongside its strong core gameplay mechanics made it an absolute hit that gained a massive player base and its own esports league within the first five years of its release.

As with any other big popular game you can almost always expect a sequel and Overwatch is no different. Slated for a Summer 2022 release date, Overwatch 2 aims to recapture the cultural moment that the first one started whilst reinventing and readjusting its elements for a new and improved experience, but will it live up to the hype?

Is this a re-release or a new game?

There has been a fair amount of confusion as to the state of Overwatch 2 and how similar it is to the first. Thought it can seem like that on the surface, there seems to be a fair number of new additions to the game as announced so far.

Although the base game mechanics still seem to be there, each character and map has been given their own little make over in order to update them into the new game and subsequently the new meta. So, all in all, if you feared that it was going to be too similar to the first one you can put that to rest by the looks of it.

What are the key new features?

One of the major new elements added to Overwatch 2 is the new Push game mode, here players will work together to take control over a robot in the center of the map. When a team takes control of the robot it then moves slowly into the opposing team’s territory. Which ever team manages to move the robot furthest wins.

I think this new game mode is going to provide an interesting new dynamic to team play. The constant movement around the map means that players will he forced to keep on the move instead of setting up a defensive chokepoint in one area of the map.

Each character in Overwatch 2 is getting a rework for not only their cosmetic look but their abilities. Bastion for example is being switched up dramatically. He now is able to move in his turret mode. His secondary fire has also been swapped from a selfheal to a sticky bomb which he can shoot.

There has also been rumbling that they are going to give the three separate classes their own passive abilities in order to better differentiate them, but we aren’t sure on what that is yet.

And finally, it also looks like we will be getting new playable heroes as well as returning favorites, this is bound to shake up the competitive meta.

Is the hype worth it?

Overall, it’s hard to tell what will become of Overwatch 2. It seems to have had a troubling behind the scenes experience so far and the general public consensus seems to be all over the place.

If you ask me, Overwatch 2 looks like its going to have enough new and interesting additions to make it feel new and unique whilst keeping the spirit that made the original feel so new and unique when it first released back in 2016. Stay hyped!

Ranking the Most Popular Web Browsers by Efficiency

Ranking the Most Popular Web Browsers by Efficiency

Most of you will remember the early days of the internet, where the most popular (and default) web browser was internet explorer. And then lots of new browsers were introduced, and internet explorer was left behind with its lagging search re4sults, prompting many memes at its expense. But these other browsers continued to survive, and are still widely used today. But which of these most popular browsers is the most efficient?

Google Chrome

It was inevitable that this one would be at the top, but Google Chrome surpasses all other web browsers in popularity, and is the most efficient too. It is able to find search results in the fastest time, as well as bringing up the most relevant answer to your questions, and being able to find the most results too. Its popularity puts pressure on the company to keep improving its performance to keep it ahead of the curve.


The next most popular web browser is in fact Safari, as this is what most Apple products come with preinstalled onto them, but it is not the next most efficient. Taking its place instead is Firefox, or more specifically, Mozilla Firefox. This is the next best thing to Google Chrome, especially in terms of privacy too, as making a Google account gives them access to all your data and search history, whilst Firefox has good privacy protection on it, although it comes at the cost of its speed.

Microsoft Edge

Against popular belief, this browser is in fact a really good one, even if Internet Explorer ended up becoming the laughing stock of the browser market. Since its early days, Microsoft have put a lot of effort into improving and upgrading their browser, and it has paid off, with its efficiency not being far behind the title holder Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge still has some issues with its privacy and data protection, but overall it is a good, fast, and reliable browser to use for your needs, and a good alternative to get away from Google’s data mining.


Next up is Opera, not one of the most popular browsers, but it has the potential to be. It has many built in features such as ad-block, VPN, crypto-currency. It even has a separate version that is good for gamers called Opera GX which has twitch integration on it. Overall it has a fantastic user interface, and it is a shame that more people don’t use it. And they continue to update it to integrate more apps and systems onto it. Its main downfall is it no longer has Opera Turbo, which allowed data and images to load faster, but now is only available for mobiles.


Safari is the second most popular, but not the most efficient browser. It is slower than its rival Chrome, and although it comes preinstalled on Apple products, some instead choose to open a google browser or to install Chrome onto their phone instead. It also does not bring up the most reliable results or have any extra add ons like some of the browsers listed here do, but it is extremely easy to use and widely available.

These are the most efficient web browsers that are the most popular as well, but not necessarily, there are other options such as the Yahoo web browser which has been around for almost as long as Google, and is still one of the most reliable, even if not the most popular.